Home Staging

Home Staging in Añoreta

An empty house does not convey its full potential. Being next to the golf course, we opted for a fresh decoration in green and blue tones, which will reflect the environment in which it is located.




Añoreta (Rincón de la Victoria)



A house that is empty does not transmit all its potential to the buyer. Sometimes it is complicated to get an idea of the spaces and their capacity, that is why it is very important to present the house furnished, offering a neutral image that allows us to take out all the potential that it has and that attracts more looks and clients interested in buying it.

When a house is put on sale, it stops being a home and becomes a product, and as such, we must carry out a marketing according to the success we want to have.

La compara de una vivienda es una de las mayores inversiones que una persona hará en su vida, y debemos ofrecerle la mejor imagen y el mejor servicio.

This property is located in the upper area of Añoreta, next to the Novaschool. It was unfurnished, so it did not transmit all its potential. The rooms were painted in different colours, and to unify and create a more neutral image, all rooms were painted white.

Afterwards we made a staging using both cardboard furniture of the Cubiqz brand, and real furniture and props. The result was that the house was sold in only 3 weeks.

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