Hygge philosophy, a lifestyle!

You may have heard of the hygge philosophy or it may not ring a bell, but I assure you that from today you will want to include it in your life. It’s the Danish philosophy of happiness.

In everyday life, things happen that we cannot avoid, such as missing the bus, your toast burning, your battery running out on your mobile phone … and, although we cannot solve it, we can change our attitude to how we take it. Bringing out the good in you!

Well, this philosophy is extrapolated to all concepts of life and today I want to talk to you about how to bring this lifestyle into your home through decoration.

Hygge philosophy, a lifestyle

The hygge philosophy, what it teaches us is to enjoy the little things around us. We live so fast that sometimes we don’t realize that happiness is found in anything that makes us feel good. Like having a glass of wine with friends, a relaxing bath, a walk by the sea… We have to be aware of that moment and squeeze it and enjoy it to the fullest!


It is a philosophy of relaxation, of connecting with what surrounds us, enjoying a fireplace, lighted candles, warm fabrics, good conversation….

Let’s see some clues on how we can get a hygge home:


The main thing is to create clean, warm, orderly and welcoming spaces, where there is no disorder. A very overloaded and disordered room transmits anything but tranquility. So help yourself with elements such as baskets, boxes, shelves … to keep the room tidy and visually transmit tranquility.

Hygge philosophy, a lifestyle


Use neutral colors in the decoration. It should convey peace and harmony. Used in natural fabrics, such as fibres and cottons in bedspreads and cushions. You can include elements in pastel shades such as greens, pinks, blues… that give a touch of colour but invite you to calm down. They transport us to sweet moments that will fill us with happiness.



Use furniture that is comfortable and functional. Choose sofas that invite rest, relaxation, sharing…fill them with soft cushions and warm blankets. The use of natural wood is very important in this decoration, of plants and everything that connects us with nature. To be able to enjoy a coffee and a good book, curled up on the sofa with a warm blanket and with chubby socks…Don’t you dream of happiness? After a day’s work, coming home and being able to enjoy that moment even for an hour is priceless!

a lifestyle


Use the candles to create that peaceful atmosphere. A room illuminated with candles, helps us to lower the stress levels of the day to day, helps us to reduce anxiety and if they are also aromatic much better. If you arrive very tired I recommend a bath with salts or oils by candlelight. I assure you that this moment will recharge your batteries for the next day.

Hygge philosophy


An essential element in the hygge decoration is a fireplace, but of course, not everyone can have one, so you can put an electric one instead, there is a great variety of them on the market or even a bioethanol one, which does not need a flue.

Hygge philosophy


If there is one thing that can’t be missing from the hygge philosophy, it’s enjoying the outdoors. If you have a garden or a small terrace, don’t stop using it as long as you can, to relax, breathe fresh air, observe the stars, look at the clouds… connect with nature and let yourself be carried away by that feeling of peace and tranquility. And if you don’t have an outdoor space at home, I recommend that you take a forest bath to recharge yourself with positive energy.

a lifestyle

In short, the hygge philosophy helps us to connect with ourselves, with what surrounds us, brings us closer to the people we have close to us and invites us to enjoy the little things in life, that many times we do not take into account but that make us happy.

We spend our lives looking for happiness, but happiness is those little moments that make you smile, that make you feel, that bring you closer to yourself. So let’s start being happier and enjoying life more, that we only have one.

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