How to renovate old furniture step by step

How to renovate old furniture

Antique furniture deserves a new life and today we are going to tell you how to give it to them.

Surely at home you have some chest of drawers, table or furniture in general that you like but you see it as old-fashioned or that does not match the new style of your home. Well, we have the solution.

Renovate old furniture by painting it with a special type of paint that gives it a chalk look. It makes them look more modern and can be painted to taste, either plain, colour matching, in a single striking colour, or with a sanded finish. The options are many.

Here are some ideas and we’ll take you step by step through how to do it.

mueble pintado diy
mueble pintado diy
mueble pintado diy
mueble pintado diy

This is the list of what you need to renovate your old furniture:

  • The furniture in question
  • Chalk-paint, or chalk finish. The color you like best. You can even combine two colors.
  • A sandpaper. In the part of the paintings you can find it.
  • Roll for painting.
  • Medium brush.

You should check the furniture for woodworm. If it does, it must be treated for woodworm before painting.

Well, with everything prepared, we start with the DIY, or “do it yourself” in Spanish.

mueble pintado diy


Prepare a space to be able to paint. Remember to cover the floor well so as not to stain anything.


Sand the whole piece of furniture very well both inside and outside, i.e. everything that is to be painted with sandpaper. After that, clean it well so that no dust remains.

STEP 3 How to renovate old furniture

We started painting. It usually takes two or three coats if we go from a very dark color to a very light one. It also depends on the intensity we want to put on the color.

If you are going to use two colors remember to mark with painter’s tape, the brown one, before painting so that you don’t get out and it doesn’t look bad.

mueble pintado diy

STEP 4 How to renovate old furniture

When it’s painted, you can clean it up and it’s ready. Or if you want a more rustic finish you can sand it a little bit carefully and clean it later.

As a final detail you can change the handles for more original ones. Our favourites are usually from Zara Home or H&M Home.

mueble pintado diy