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Home staging, how to do it?, what you need to take into account if you want to put your house on sale?

I don’t know if you know the home staging technique, so first I’m going to tell you where it comes from and how it came about. Its literal meaning is “staging a home”. This technique of real estate marketing appeared in the 70s in the USA and started to spread through Europe at the beginning of 2000, although it was not until 2007/8 that it arrived in Spain. Its creator was Barb Schwarz.

She was a real estate agent and she realized that the houses that looked better and were more cared for were sold earlier and the price negotiation was reduced. So she started to prepare the properties that she had in her portfolio achieving great success. That’s how the Home Staging was born.


Home Staging

When you want to sell a property, you must consider the buyer you want to reach, because it is “him” to whom the sale is directed. You must also be clear about the strongest and weakest points of your home and what makes your home especially attractive. Which corner or space in your home do you like best, the one that makes it special?  A property is not for everyone, because of its type of construction, situation, zone…., for whom is it perfect then? Well, you have to analyze the area where your house is located, how many bedrooms it has, the type of neighbors and families, the purchasing power of the area… if it is a neighborhood where there are many families with children, that will be one of the publics you will have to address. Think that people don’t buy bricks, they buy a lifestyle, a home for their family, for their future and they have to see themselves living in your house.
What kind of person will they see living in it? What improvements can we make to make that person more attractive? If you know this, the rest will be easier, since you will focus all your strategy on that target client you want to reach. 

For all these reasons, the concept of Home Staging was born. It is a real estate marketing technique that, together with two other very important factors, such as price and marketing, will ensure that your home sells faster and with minimum negotiation.

In some cases it can be complicated or more laborious due to the state of the house, an empty house is not worked on in the same way as with furniture or even if you still live in it. But there are some essential steps to selling successfully, which if you follow them, you will achieve great results. So if you are willing to take them, let’s go with it. I assure you that when you finish, your house will look different and more attractive.


Home Staging

In order to get your home ready, you will need to make small repairs that will improve the overall appearance of the home.

You should not forget that it is in the first 90 seconds when a possible buyer decides if he is interested in your house or not, so you should take care of all the details, from the entrance to the house until the exit.

I know it seems obvious, but many times and after seeing the pictures that are uploaded to the real estate portals, I assure you that it is not wrong to make a change.



  • Step one

The first thing you have to do is clear the house. What does this mean? well, in the daily life of any house, little by little and without realizing it, we fill it with objects, in most cases unnecessary, that for us become habitual, familiar, but for a new visitor, who has tastes totally different from ours, this can be a point against when feeling attracted by the house.

Remove excess furniture, if you have a storage room take it there or to another house of yours or a relative, and use it in your new home. Remove any personal objects; photographs, figurines, toys, excess decoration. Bear in mind that less is more at this time, you will manage to give a feeling of space in the rooms and your house will look clear and tidy. You can keep it in boxes and put them under the bed or in the attics of the closets.

If the apartment is empty, my advice is to furnish it. An empty house does not convey anything at all and besides, the rooms seem much smaller. But don’t furnish it with just anything. In this case my advice is to trust a professional Home Stager, who will help you by doing a job that will attract more clients and always adapting to your possibilities but also offering the best image of your home. 

I want to be very clear on this, and forgive me, but nobody gives three money a hard time. If you want a good, professional job, find a professional home stager. I am going to leave here the link to the Home Stagers that belong to the Home Staging Association of Spain, you will find them in all the communities of Spain. 


Home Staging

Home Staging

Look at these two before and after pictures. Which one do you think is more attractive to a buyer? Which one would you like to meet if you are buying a home? That’s what you have to get. LOVE!

  • Step two

Once you have cleared out the entire house, you should do a thorough cleaning. I know you will think your house is clean, but don’t forget that whoever visits it will notice things that you take for granted that are fine. Eliminate lime from taps, make them shine, take advantage of this to wash all the curtains, also if you use a lot of fabric softener they will give a very good smell to the room. The cushions are usually used and with some stain, wash them too…, you have to leave it perfect: floors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms…, change the shower curtains if necessary, clean carpets, upholstery. If you need to paint the walls, choose a light colour: white, light grey, beige… you will give space and everything will look brighter. If the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen are old you can paint them, there are special paints for them. I leave you the link of a post from a few days ago in which you can see how to do it and where to buy it. Home Staging how to do it

It repairs the small damages, such as plugs, light bulb, dripping taps, holes in the walls… It is an intense work and you will not do it in two days, but it is necessary for the success in the sale. 

Home Staging

Home Staging

I think this image speaks for itself. 

  • Step three

Now what you have to do is arrange everything you have left in the house, place the furniture favoring the width of the spaces, that there are no elements that hinder the passage of the possible buyer by the house. Arrange the bathrooms, remove everything you can from sight, put the towels. Before the visitor arrives, raise the blinds and open the curtains, turn on all the lights in the house, use candles and plants to give a sensation of warmth, the person who arrives must feel that he is in his future home, where he will live with his family, children, share dinner with friends…..make your house beautiful and attractive, like those in a magazine. Home Staging how to do it

Home Staging

  • Step four

Now play, the most creative and fun step. Real estate styling. And what’s that? Well, it’s preparing each room to make it attractive and pleasant, so that whether they see your ad in a real estate portal or if they are going to visit the house, they want to buy it. As I said before, the first 90 seconds are where a buyer decides whether or not to buy your property, so don’t forget to take good care of the entrance to the house.  

The real estate style consists of applying decoration and neuromarketing techniques, which manage to generate positive sensations in the buyer. 

As you can see, home staging is not about putting a floor and two cushions. Behind it there is an analysis of the house, the target buyer, the area, the strengths of a house, a process of cleaning, repairs, even painting, distribution of furniture …

By following these steps, I can assure you that your house will sell much faster and no one will be able to put any objection to lowering the price.

If you have any doubts, just send me an email to info@yolarodriguez.com and I will be happy to help you. Let’s get to work and tell me about it. Good luck!