7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Good morning, everyone! No doubt we’re having a rough few weeks, but we can’t let that discourage us or put our dreams behind us. We know that life is not easy and at this moment it is putting us to the test, but we are seeing the best image of the human being, the responsibility, the affection, the love, the dedication, the tolerance, the struggle… All this will make us stronger, better people and above all more human. So encourage each and every one of you, those of you who are at home, those of you who are out there giving your all for us; toilets, police, truckers, farmers, cashiers, caterers…without you this would be impossible. You are the heroes of this film.



Today I want to talk to you about the mistakes you must avoid if you want to sell your house. Not taking them into account can cause you to lose sales opportunities.
  • 1) Set a very high price. One of the main mistakes to avoid! It is true that we were in a moment of growth at the real estate level, and that much more was being bought than in past years. But if one thing has become clear to all of us, it is that from this situation everything will change again. We are entering a complicated moment that, frankly, no one is capable of predicting what the outcome will be. What we are seeing and talking about in the real estate sector is that real estate is going to go down between 20% and 30%.  Make a good analysis of your property and don’t compare it with houses that sold 3 months ago, not even 2, the change in all sectors is going to be brutal and we have to put our feet on the ground. You are not going to pay for an apartment more than it is worth, as my neighbor has sold for 200 thousand I can sell it anyway. As of today this is no longer the case and it would be a serious error that could make you keep your flat hanging and take a long time to sell it. My advice is to let a professional advise you, he is really the one who is going to be more prepared at this moment and he will always look after your interests.

subida precio vivienda

  • 2) Not taking care of the spelling when we publish our ad. The vast majority of people looking to buy a home, they do it through the Internet, is your showcase. Imagine a restaurant where they give you a menu with spelling mistakes, they don’t explain well the ingredients of the dish and the presentation is disastrous. Let’s see which dish you choose! Well, it’s exactly the same with your ad, describe your house carefully, take care of the spelling. Describe the corners that you love and where you feel super good. Describe the neighbourhood, the good things it has, the views, the neighbours… that is the main window of your house.


  • 3) Do not prepare the house for sale. Just like with spelling, if when you start looking at the pictures you find rooms that are messy, dark, where you can’t see anything…no matter how much you care about spelling you’re not getting the buyer’s attention, it’s more likely to go right through your ad. Clean, tidy, remove photos and personal items, make your house look nice as if friends were coming to dinner. And take some light, tidy pictures. Don’t forget the outside spaces.

  • 4) Have low visibility on the Internet. We often think that placing an ad in a real estate portal is enough. Well it is not, use all the platforms you can, fotocasa, idealista, pisos.com….. and of course do not forget the social networks, which is where more visitor traffic is. And as I told you before, my advice is to trust an expert professional of the sector, you will get rid of a lot of headaches. They do an analysis of your home, a feasibility study of the buyers, they put your home not only in real estate portals, but also share it among peers in groups such as MLS. I assure you that it will cost you much less money and effort than it would on your own.

  • 5) Don’t keep your pets at home. Almost all of us have pets in the house, which are a member of the family, but the day they come to see the house they should not be in it. Tell your children to take them out for a walk or leave them with the neighbor. Also, remove the feeder and if it’s a cat, take out the “poop” drawer. Ventilate the house, even if we don’t notice it, because we are used to the smell, the pets smell and besides not everybody likes them. Or they may be allergic.

  • 6) Keep the same price for months. If after 6 and 8 weeks you don’t receive many calls or visits, think about lowering the price of your house, it is always better 199,000 than 210,000. It’s like when we go to the supermarket and the price of something is 2.95, which is actually 3 euros but we say it has cost us 2 euros. If you don’t lower the price from time to time, your flat will burn down and you’ll have fewer and fewer visitors.

  • 7) Never change the photograph in the ad or the text. As with the price, if people see the same price, the same photos and the same description when they enter your ad, they get bored. It is an old ad and whoever is looking for a flat knows it, they know all the flats in the area they are looking for, so if you are not having much success, besides lowering the price, change the description and the photos. It will look like a new flat and you will attract attention again. And if it still doesn’t work, take it off the market for at least a month and then put it back up. You must avoid at all costs that your flat does not burn down. Imagine that you are looking for a flat, you have been looking for several months and you always see the same flat, which neither lowers its price, nor changes its photos, nor has many visitors, what will you think? That something will have that housing to sell us, so you’re not going to be you who does it. A house that has been on the market for more than 6 months without offers and without changes is very difficult to sell.

I hope these tips will help you and if you have any other questions just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to help. If you subscribe to my newsletter you can download a photography guide that will be very useful to take some magazine pictures.

Thank you very much for your time and I would love to hear from you about your impression of the post. See you next week. 🙂