What if your property was irresistible to the buyer?

Would you like to increase the sales of your properties? Don’t you know how to attract more buyer leads? Home Staging is a powerful tool that will help you attract more attention to your properties and therefore more “clicks” on your ads to visit the property.

The buyer will invest a large amount of money when buying a home, which one do you think he would buy first?

Home Staging is a real estate marketing tool, which through decoration techniques and real estate styling, helps us to highlight the strengths of a home, making it more attractive to buyers. It helps to highlight your home from the rest that are being sold in your area and attracts more interested customers.

It’s about making customers fall in love with your property. The sooner a property is sold, the less it is devalued in the market.

Home Staging en apartamento turístico
Benefits of
Home Staging
  • 01.
    Sell faster
    • By offering a more attractive image of a property, you attract more eyes interested in seeing the property, making it stand out from the competition. Therefore, there will be more viewings and it will sell earlier.
  • 02.
    Sell at a better price
    • When the house is in perfect condition, the buyer feels more satisfied and the negotiation of the sale price is reduced.
  • 03.
    Reduces negotiation
    • As there are a greater number of offers, the negotiation of the property is reduced and, on some occasions, the sale price can even be increased.
  • 04.
    Stand out from the competition
    • It helps to highlight your home from those in the area, positioning it much better and attracting more interested buyers.
  • 05.
    Exclusive recruitment
    • It helps the agent to increase the exclusive capture by offering a different service from those of the competition.
  • 06.
    Positive feelings
    • It generates the sensation of a space that is cared for and ready to be lived in. It offers a real image of the possibilities of each room.
Home Staging en apartamento turístico
Despues salon mobiliario de carton
Who are
our clients?
  • 01.
    Real Estate
    • Including the Home Staging service in your service portfolio will differentiate you from the competition and help you generate more satisfied customers.
  • 02.
    • Putting a house on sale is not easy, and even more if you do it alone. We analyze your property and help you to highlight it over the others so you can sell or rent it faster.
  • 03.
    Tourist apartments
    • A good housing presentation will help you increase your income and get more benefits from renting your home.
  • 04.
    • Newly built homes must show the buyer the possibilities of the house and only with a good staging you will be able to reach your ideal client.
Home Staging mobiliario de carton Cubiqz
we work?
  • 01.
    Visit to the property
    • To know both the needs of the same and assess which intervention is the most appropriate. We will take photographs of each stay for analysis. We will take notes and measures that will help us to carry out a professional work and we will present a budget, adapting to our clients but always looking for the best image of the house.
  • 02.
    Plan to action
    • Once we have analysed the property, we will choose the most appropriate strategies to be carried out on the property, which will help us to enhance its strengths and make it stand out from the rest. From a simple advice to a complete reform, if necessary.
  • 03.
    Project implementation
    • Our PREFERRED moment!!! we get to work to leave your perfect home; we tidy up, clear, depersonalize, clean and decorate each room, bringing out its "BEST VERSION". Getting more visits to your property.
  • 04.
    Professional photography
    • Once the home staging process is complete, the home is ready to be photographed. We make a professional photographic report, which will show an image with all its charms and will transmit positive sensations to whoever sees it, generating more "clicks" to go and visit your home.